In the past, we bought albums for the experience of entering into the world that our favorite artist created, consuming it from beginning to end. 

But with our social media attention spans, an album is like a novel you only read on vacations.  

As songwriters, I think we still have the album mindset.  We write songs as if it’s a part of a bigger body of work and not a blip on our Instagram feed.   


Your Song Is On The Clock

From the first downbeat, your audience just started their mental stopwatch to see if your opening synth hook or the first line will captivate them enough to keep listening.  

Think of how long you actually give something your undivided attention before you move on. 

With every measure, every word and every hook, you are convincing someone other than your parents to not tune you out.   

Your Song Must Be Consumable

Consumable songs get played over and over again… get added to playlists… get featured on commercials.  Now more than ever, the less brain calories a listener has to use the better.  

This doesn’t mean watering down your message but making it more concise, more digestible. 

In the end, you will serve your audience and allow your music to reach more people.  


Your Song Will Fly

When you make your melodies and lyrics clear, concise and simply consumable, it’s like your song has wings.  

More and more, the music lovers out there will give your music a chance and even become a raving fan.  

So go be you, get to the point and watch your songs go further than you ever thought they could.