Feedback on a song is important at any stage, for the beginner as well as the more seasoned writer
— Jess

Hey friends, Jess here. When I first started writing, I remember how valuable it was to have someone in the industry give their honest feedback on my songs. Their perspective made me a much better songwriter and almost 20 years later, I still use those tips in my writing. So, I wanted to offer the same help to you wherever you are in your songwriting journey. I’ve had success in multiple genres - Pop, Film & TV, Country & Christian (click here) - and I’m confident I can help you no matter your musical style.

What you will get in a 30 min Skype Song Help Session:

2 songs critiqued

Honest constructive feedback

Tips to make the best parts of your song even better

Help guide your song to a specific target

Tried-and-true songwriting tools to help in years to come

A simple overview of how song publishing works

Guidance on songwriting career next steps (time permitting)

Once you upload your songs and lyrics, I will listen prior to our session so we can hit the ground running. You will have the opportunity to upload when you book the appointment or after your confirmation email. A demo or voice memo of your song is sufficient. I usually take appointments on Fridays. If that doesn’t work, let me know here. Thanks and I hope to meet you soon!