You might be here for many reasons.


  • You're frustrated because your song has potential, but keeps falling short of what it could be. 

  • You're a beginner needing help with your first song.

  • You’re about to pay for demos or record an album, but need to make sure the songs are right.

  • You're an amazing artist, but the songwriting is holding you back.

  • You're unclear of your next steps and need guidance.

  • You have specific questions about the music business.


What To Expect In A Skype Session

SONg Critique

I will examine your song from beginning to end, highlighting the best parts and see what needs improving. I'll give you multiple options to take the song where it needs to go. Sometimes sections need to be tossed and rewritten, but that's all part of the process.  

I'll give suggestions that will make your song pop, melodies that grab you the first listen, lyrics that are authentic, and chords that give the right emotion.  

Song Co-Write

If the song needs it, I will be glad to jump in and write the song with you.  You will own the song and I will not take any writing credit, UNLESS it’s a song I could bring into my world and possibly pitch, or bring to an artist, or use in a Sync project. In that case we would split evenly.  (I write both lyrics and melody)    

ADVIce/ Strategy 

The music industry has completely changed in the last 5 years, but there are more possibilities than ever for our music to be heard.  I'll give you strategy and advise you on your next steps, ranging from traditional methods to the current world of film/TV, Streaming, and Youtube.  

Answer Questions

You can ask me anything in our session.  Make a list before so we can knock out as many as possible. 


I am available for any or all of these options in our session.  Book an appointment below.  

If you have questions you can contact me here.

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